search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the act of making ones web site content more search engine friendly to make it rank higher. BIS specializes in the optimization of web sites in competitive markets. We will research your keywords and optimize your site based on the most searched keywords in your industry and drive relevant traffic to your site via the major search engines and directories.

If your site is not found, it is one among millions. We customize the back and front end of your site so that the search engines, bots, crawlers, spiders and gophers are able to find your site and index it highly. When customers are doing a search, your site is not merely found, but ranked highly on the search. Your site will be visible to the masses, creating possibilities for gross interaction and return on your investment. Bottom line = more business for you!

Search engines try to determine the individual topics of your web pages. If you have too many subjects on a single web page, search engines cannot determine the topic of your page and your web page is not going to rank highly for any of the words on your page.

Get higher relevancy and better keyword density

Using a single subject on a web page increases the relevancy of the page for a specific keyword. For example, assume you have a web page describing two topics: camping axes and camping tents. If your web page contains 500 words and you mention your keyword "camping axe" five times on that page, then that keyword appears every 100th word on average.

Now suppose you split the page into two pages, one for the keyword "camping axe" and one for the keyword "camping tent" and both pages have 250 words. The keyword "camping axe" now appears as every 50th word on average making it more relevant to the search engine.

In addition, you now have the opportunity to use individual page titles with distinct keywords in them.

Add depth to your web site

There's another important aspect concerning search engines. If you break your pages into smaller pieces, your web site will comprise more pages. Your web site has more "depth" and search engines are known to rank web sites higher that consists of more pages than a three-page web site.

Please your customers

Another benefit is that visitors like to read shorter pieces of text. People cannot read as quickly from a monitor in comparison to reading hard copy. They complain of visual fatigue and blurring reading long pages of text from a computer monitor.

In summary, try to cover only one topic per page. Split separate topics into their own pages and both your readers and your search engine rankings will benefit.

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